Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We love to travel.  We go on a big anniversary trip every summer and lots of small trips throughout the year. 

We wanted to share our pictures, videos, and activities for others who may be traveling to the same places.

In 10 days we will be heading on a road trip (our 2nd anniversary trip!).  We will drive to Bristol, TN/VA in one day, then head over to Washington, D.C. for 4/5 days.  We'll spend 3/4 days driving down to Williamsburg and along the North Carolina Outer Banks.  We will spend 4/5 days with Kathryn's sister in New Bern, North Carolina then drive across the state to stay at Chris's parent's house in Waynesville (near Asheville) for 4/5 days before heading home.


  1. Hey Kathryn and Chris! I love your blog so far, can't wait to see all your travel highlights! Just had to say, Crap I've Made is my absolute favorite blog! Don't you love it? She just moved from Savannah. I also love Waynesville. Very neat place with lots to see and do. I am a blog junkie, and I especially love ones from people I know. I hope you enjoy your trip!

  2. Looking forward to following y'all on your upcoming trip! Also love the list you and Chris have started. It's going to be so much fun!

  3. Oops! I had to correct myself... The writer of another blog, Make It and Love It, just moved from Savannah across country to Colorado. Anyway, hope you are enjoying packing Kathryn! :)