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We got to D.C. on the night of our anniversary (July 11).  We were staying with our friends Matt and Kelly who have a finished basement and live VERY close to a metro stop... It was very sweet of them to let us stay and it was the perfect spot!
We spent 5 days in D.C. and still did not see everything on our list... I think we could go back 5 more times and still have tons to do!
We have both listed Ford's Theater as one of our favorite things from D.C.  We also liked going to the top of the Washington Monument, seeing the monuments at night, and some of the stuff in the museums. 
We pictured D.C. being dirty and full of homeless people.  We thought we would have to leave before it got dark.  That is NOT the case!!  We stayed out and about until 10/11 every night, and NEVER felt unsafe.  The monuments are lit up and there were tons of people (tourists exploring and residents running and walking dogs).  The only thing we would caution you on is to watch your time if you are riding the Metro... We barely made the last train one night.
I am going to tell the story about our time and let the pictures speak for themselves... Washington D.C. was a GREAT trip, and we want to go back and would recommend it to others.

Washington Monument

I took this picture to show the snipers on the roof.

White House

Jefferson Memorial

Lincoln statue in the Capitol... The left side is "old Lincoln" and the right side is "young Lincoln."  His son said that this statue was the closest likeness to his father of any he had seen.

Dome of Capital

Lincoln Memorial

Old Post Office taken from the top of the Washington Monument.  This building is the second tallest thing in D.C. (besides the Washington Monument) and we went to the top of it, too.
The boarding house were Lincoln was taken after he was shot; it's where he died.

Lincoln's boot at Ford's Theater.  The boot is decorated the way it was in Lincoln's time to indicate that the president would be there that night.  The theater is still a working playhouse.

View of Capital from top of Washington Monument.

Lunchcounter from AL where the students did a "sit-in" in the 60's.

Not a good picture, but this is a case holding a lot of First Ladies' dresses.

Julia Childs's kitchen.


Chris by a HUGE train.

A section of Route 66

Lincoln's hat

John Wilkes Booth's revolver which he shot Lincoln with.

Ford's Theater

This is a restaurant that Anthony Bordain ate at... We thought it would be cool to eat here too... As the waiter was walking away he asked if we would like guacamole.  I said "Yeah!" without realizing Chris was shaking his head and motioning me to stop.  When the waiter walked away, Chris pointed out to me that the guacamole was $13!!!  It was delicious, though, the waiter made it right at our table... Oh, well!

Easter Island statue

Hope Diamond

Marie Antoinette's earrings

This star is the geographical center of D.C. it is in the crypt of the Capital

Chris standing in line with the statues at the FDR memorial.
Edison's original lightbulb patents.

The Muppets

Pieces of the Berlin Wall

One of the many Library of Congress buildings

Supreme Court

Random Historical Marker we happened to pass... It says this is the spot where
The Star Spangled Banner was sung in public for the first time.

Naval Memorial

All of that is scaffolding!!


Ford's Theater


Lots of dinossaur bones

Chris and the Capitol from the top of the Washington Monument... 500' up

One story down from the top of the Washington Monument

WWII Memorial with Lincoln in the background

Piece of the Twin Towers

In front of The White House

National Archives

National Archives doors!!!

Hope Diamond

Biggest saphire in the world

Inside the Washington Monument

Back of Lincoln Memorial

Statue Room at The Capitol... because of the dome, you can hear people whispering
on the other side of the room.  John Adams had his desk put at the exact spot where
he could hear what everyone else in the room was saying.

In front of the Capital

Jefferson Memorial with plane

Our squirrel friend

Our squirrel friend stretched out cooling off

Jefferson Memorial

FDR memorial... This was like a park... there were waterfalls and rivers and
 lots of rough cut stone around... This was one of our favorites.

The reflecting pool... or what used to be the reflecting pool.... It was leaking, so they tore
 it up and are redoing it in a manner more environmentally friendly.

Korean Memorial... Lots of stone soldiers comig out of the woods... It was VERY cool!

This is the "braille version" of the FDR Memorial

From the back of the Metro

The capsule that John Glenn orbitted in.

The first plane to go Mach 1

The Wright Brothers' plane

The stopwatches the Wright Brothers used to time each other.

Lindberg's plane - The Spirit of St. Lewis

Wright Brothers again

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