Sunday, July 31, 2011


So... we got a little behind with updating the blog... Oh, well!
First thing day 3 we went to Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's house.  It was BEAUTIFUL!... and very crowded.  We got there at 9/10AM ish to get tickets.  We wanted to go on the tour that takes you into the rotunda on top.  The lady at the ticket counter said that the only way we could do that would be if we would still be there tomorrow afternoon... the tickets had sold out that quickly!  Oh, well.  The "regular" tour was good, too.  Unfortunately, we couldn't take pictures inside the house, but here's some information about the inside
  • He invented a clock that not only tells time, but days of the week.
  • The rooms in his house were painted BRIGHT colors like yellow, lime green, turquoise (Kathryn loved this, Chris not so much.)
  • Two of the beds in his house are set into walls.  Jefferson's was open on both sides... he could get up in his workroom or bedroom, depending on his mood.
  • There is a dumwaiter that he "invented" after seeing some in Europe.
  • He also brought from Europe double doors that open at the same time when only one is opened manually.
The outside was beautiful with tons of pathways and "original" plants.


Special Colonial recipe chocolate that you had to eat a special way: Take a bite; savor it.  There were tons of flavors including orange, pepper, and cocoa.  It was kind of chalky, but good. 


Fireplace left from the blackmsith's house.

His tomb.  There are 6 people burid under this one monolith: him, his wife, two daughters, and two son-in-laws.
Jefferson's actual height: 6'2''

This was a crazy fly that WOULD NOT get off Chris's hand no matter
what he did, touch it, fling his hand, it stayed there...  

This was supposed to be a picture of us in front of the house again, but the
sun got in the way... it's kind of artsy, so I just kept it around...

One of the many "lookout" points around Jefferson's property.

The front of Monticello

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