Saturday, July 9, 2011

Road Trip 1

Day One

We spent most of today in the car.  We left Clinton at 3:30 AM (after going to bed at about 1:30), drove to Tuscaloosa for breakfast, then drove straight to Bristol, TN/VA.  Our first stop was Bristol Motor Speedway.  Neither of us particularly like NASCAR, but it was REALLY neat to see the track and how huge it all is.
We then visited downtown Bristol where you can see the split between TN and VA.
Bristol is a pretty neat town with a lot of history (it is the official birthplace of country music, has a historic railroad, and lots of Native American and natural science wonders), and we enjoyed our short time here.

1/2 of our road trip gear... admittedly most of it is mine (Kathryn's).

The odometer pre-trip... let's see how high we can get it!

A "REAL" mini-cooper... there were tons along the intersate around Chattanooga... Must have been a convention somewhere.  Look at how tiny this thing is!

Bristol Motor Speedway

The bank at the oval ends was CRAZY high!  It looked nothing like it does on TV.

Chris's very artistic shot at the downtown railroad.

Sign in downtown Bristol marking the Tennessee and Virginia sides.

Sign at night.

This is our supper.  We ate at Macado's.  The menu was HUGE... the waiter told us there were 76 different sandwich combinations!  The one on the left is Kathryn's... a Sherlock Holmes: turkey, slaw, cheese on wheat.  The one on the right is Chris's... a Carpetbagger: steak, onion, lettuce, tomato, 1000 island dressing.  It was SO hard to make a decision, but I think we made good ones, and I would recommend this restaurant (It was also cheap!).


  1. Love the pants, Kat!
    And I love "hearing" about the adventures y'all have :)

  2. How can you not like NASCAR! Where else can you watch cars drive in circles for hours?