Friday, July 8, 2011


So... Vodka is pretty good because you can mix it with anything and not alter the flavor, right?  It also comes in SO many flavors now that you can make any drink imaginable.
Well... I was watching the talk show Steven and Chris (a flamboyant pair who come on WB) and they made BACON vodka.
My first thought was ECK!... but then they made a bloody mary out of it... and THAT sounded good!
I have not tried it yet (I think I will after vacation, though... Chris likes bacon, so it may become a family hit), but I wanted to share the recipe. 
Maybe someone else will try it first and let me know that it is/isn't worth the effort!

Bacon Vodka
Ingredients: bacon, vodka

Step 1.  Cook the bacon (SAVE THE DRIPPINGS).

Step 2.  Put vodka in a jar; add bacon; add drippings. Stir.

Step 3. Let sit for 4/5 hours infusing.

Step 4. Freeze for 2/3 hours (this is to solidify the drippings and bring them to the top); remove drippings.

Step 5. Strain vodka several times before using.

Bacon Bloody Mary
Ingredients: bacon vodka, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, tomato or clamoto juice, bacon strips, celery salt

Step 1. Pour however much bacon vodka you want into glass (they strained it into the glass... may be a good idea!).

Step 2. Add some drops of hot sauce and Worcestershire (however much you want).

Step 3. Fill glass with juice.

Step 4. Garnish with bacon strips and celery salt.

I am going to try this... I may make Chris drink it first, but I think it's such an interesting idea.  Anybody up for a weekend brunch complete with Bacon Bloody Marys in August?  =)

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