Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Work Week's Worth of Meals on a $50 budget

Here is a sample menu from our $50 budget.
*Please Note*  Some things used in the menu were not bought with the $50 budget (it was from our freezer), and not everything bought with the budget was used for the suppers.

Monday Night
Black Bean Soup with Ham
This recipe came from my Joy of Cooking cookbook (it looks gross, but it was yummy!).

Tuesday Night
Oven fried Salmon with Home-Made Tartar Sauce, Carrot Fries, and a Salad
Salmon from Top Chef Whitney Miller's cookbook, carrot fries from pinterest.
The carrot fries were delicious!  We didn't make very many (it was hard chopping the carrots up small enough), and we gobbled up what we made wishing we had made more.

Wednesday Night
Turkey and Carrot Souffle
The turkey is from the freezer (leftover from Christmas), and the carrot souffle is from my Whitney Miller cookbook.  I will absolutely make the carrot souffle again - it was wonderful!

Thursday Night
Pork loin (leftover from Christmas) with BBQ Sandwich and Squash/Zucchini chips
I followed the carrot fry directions with squash and zucchini. 
They got too brown; I think they were too thin.  They were still yummy, though!

I do not have a picture for Friday night.  It was my Daddy's birthday so we went out to eat at Tin Shed BBQ in Clinton (It's great; try it!).

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